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The modern drift is that each of your customers should access your proposed product or business website on their Smartphone. The number of Smartphone users is emerging exponentially as the time progresses, so it is very indispensable that your proposed business site or products should be obtainable to your Smartphone users or customers.

If your business does not depend on your website or if you do not have any competitors then you do not need to consider this. However, if your business depends lot on your website and if you have not made your website mobile or Smartphone companionable then you can lose substantial amount of customers. So you’re smart phone presence is an extensive issue to every business that depends upon online presence.


It is very indispensable to figure out which information you like to show on mobile device and what not. As the screen size of mobile device is petite, so you need to decide which information would be very imperative for your viewers. Like if you are running an online store then store locator is the critical part which needs to be visible.

The future is Smartphone

It has been proved that without making your projected business site responsive or Smartphone friendly, your online business will be hindered. The current study has been exposed that in US over 60% people are using Smartphone and they like your site to be Smartphone compatible. So if you desert this concern then you could drop significant amount of target customer and they will find your competitors’ website which is more compatible on Smartphone. A recent study which has been done has said that the mobile users will be increased by 5 billion by 2017.

Map your site layout

The mobile web pages will load slower than the conventional web pages. So it is very crucial to decide which pages you want to keep for the mobile device. Viewers have less endurance to click on several pages on your proposed site, so keep that in your mind you have to stream line your layout as much as possible.

Keep the branding essence

After you have streamlined your layout so much, it is very apparent you should equal the branding essence same for the mobile and desktop version. So when your customer visits your mobile friendly site they should get the same branding essence what they are getting during visiting the desktop version.


Imagine your customers aren’t looking for you on the mobile web? Well, guess again! Nearly all your customers have Smartphone these days. Whether your customer is a university student or a business professional, they are downloading business apps to connect with their favorite brands. Almost every customer is deploying Smartphone apps to access data quickly while they are on the move, be it while travelling on the metro or while waiting for a client.

So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to build a mobile marketing strategy for your brand and establish a Smartphone presence. A Smartphone app will not only help you target your customers smartly but it will also help you gain a competitive edge.

However, before you get all excited about Smartphone marketing, it is essential to determine your basic target audience and which are the best platforms to target them. Does your target audience use Android Phones or do they prefer IOS or Windows Phones? What is the type of experience and interaction you want your customers to have? So what precisely should be on the app?

If you need help answering these questions, connect with Emarkepedia – a mobile designing firm in Dehradun and leave the rest to us. We will design the app that’s perfect for your brand and your customers!

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